Reasons Why People Start Smoking

Reasons Why People Start Smoking

Have you ever wondered why people start smoking? And also why they continue despite the advertisements on the packet that it’s injurious to health? Well there can be many reasons so here are a few of them for your knowledge so that if you ever go through such a situation, you’d know to handle yourself and not fall weal and start smoking.

1.    Stress relief

Smoking is believed to be a good stress reliever, by smokers of course. They might think they’d only light one up when they are under pressure, however what they don’t realize is that they are getting addicted to it. Then, for even the simplest tension they’d have a smoke. Quitting smoking later on could be much harder than quitting stress now. Rather than holding up those cheap glass bongs Australia, you can try alternatives such as meditation. Just close your eyes for a few minutes and calm yourself. It could have a better effect than smoking for sure.

2.    Media influence

Though media may not give out direct influence such as advertisements, they do influence people in smoking. For example, when young kids see the main actor in movies smoking a cigarette, they feel it’s something stylish and cool. Different countries have different rules on onscreen smoking to prevent such influence.

3.    Parental influence

Unfortunately, even parents can influence their kids to smoke since that would be the most common sight they would see at home. However, non-smoking parents too may cause their kids to smoke. For example, lesser restrictions on movies may encourage the kids since they see smoking as socially acceptable behaviour. Raising smoke-free kids is vital for the betterment of the society hence parents should always communicate the danger of it to their kids. So think about your kids the next time you want to buy a unique hookah.

4.    Peer pressure

Falling into bad company is the most common reason nowadays. Young kids and teenagers can easily be influenced by their peers since they like to experience new things. It might seem cool to smoke since most of their friends do which then will encourage him to smoke too. It gives them the sense of ‘fitting in’. Hence parents should always keep an eye on their young children to prevent such addictions.

5.    Risk-taking behaviour

When kids know they are being held under strict rules, the tendency to go above and beyond is natural. Teenagers are known to be rebellious with the need to try out new things and experience the thrill of breaking rules. However, a simple thrill could turn into a dangerous addiction in no time.