Starting Fresh

It’s a little late for this post, but it’s better late than never. I got super busy last term and then distracted with vacations and the holidays. I am also in the process of trying to decide where exactly blogging fits into my life. I have been working hard in my classes and focusing more attention on my projects and my Portfolio than on this blog. Check it out!

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Forest Park

Went for a walk in Forest Park with some friends today and played around with a macro lens for the first time. Not going to lie—I find looking so closely at the living world to be a little creepy. Especially when you can see all the little hairs on a spider… Anyhow, this is just a couple of the photos I took today; I’ll probably be posting a couple more in the next week or so.

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Similarly Different: Prompt #1

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was participating in a project called Similarly Different. This was my first visual response to my partner. I have been interested in producing more self-motivated work—with a focus on experimenting with new mediums. Lately, I have been loving the bright, chalky qualities of pastels.

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Rainy Day Life

Went on a nice walk yesterday with Robert; it’s definitely starting to get chillier and most definitely more rainy. I am in love with this wet, rich Fall weather—not even the leaves changing, but how green everything feels against the overcast sky and the dark, wet dirt. The little sprouts and the yellow flowers are all the more bright and joyful in the wet weather—though at the same time, just a little bit haunting.

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Shop Talk: Hello Quiet Tiger

Lately, I have been admiring the Etsy shop of Nellie Le. I love how diverse her shop offerings are!—from greeting cards to accessories and a wide array of hand-knitted things. Nellie is a graphic designer with wonderful taste, which for sure, shows through in her products. I actually just purchased the two items on the top; I received them in the mail today and look forward to wearing both.

cassandra necklace . custom color weekender hat . awesome button! . mint party bracelet .

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Self Moodboard


I am super excited to announce that I am a participant in a project called Similarly Different.

“This project experiments with the the visualization of points of view, through remote communication and collaboration. Student designers in Farnham, Surrey, UK and Portland, Oregon, USA will work together to visualize aspects of their own cultures and towns—two places that, while both English-speaking and mid-sized—are also quite different from each other terms of culture, proximity to design meccas, and even landscape.”

Read more about the project HERE

Our first blog prompt was to introduce ourselves to the other participants by means of moodboard. Let me tell you—it’s super difficult to make a moodboard about yourself. I feel that whenever I am faced with presenting myself in some way (through writing a bio, for example) I just freeze up and forget everything about myself! Anyhow, I’m not displeased with what I ended up with. It’s impossible to represent yourself fully with something like this, but I think it communicates my aesthetic pretty successfully!