Being a human every people love to taste a new thing or new dishes because most of the people have craze to eat a new thing or drink a new thing for this hobby some people travel from their country to another country similarly there are so many restaurants available in Australia especially in Sydney in which thousands of people may eat their meal in night or in lunch just to eat some new things similarly when we talk about drinking in which we have several drinks link energy drinks, fresh fruit juice, juices, cold drinks, tea, coffee and other drinks which are now very common in people drinking but in these drinks when we talk about coffee which is one of the common drink nowadays and every people especially offices workers and students love to drink coffee because they provide an energy to human body and get refresh instantly from which people can able to perform more task efficiently as well as student can learn more things and able to refresh their mind in a few time like suppose a student who is taking 3 hours class continuously and after this class they have another class sessions in their school so after previous class student has lost their energy capability so it is highly recommended for every student to drink freshly roasted beans coffee from which they can able to boost their energy instantly and can learn more new thing and other advantages from which people nowadays love to drink coffee rather than drink unhygienic drinks which increase people weight and make them weak for future or upcoming tasks.

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