Content Of Contemporary Fiction US

Content Of Contemporary Fiction US

best magic realism

Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy and magic based are some of the different pieces of literature writing that are different in approach but serve the same purpose of an enjoyable reading time. Readers all over the world have different tastes and preferences, thus, all these genera can be fitted in almost every other individual’s favorite. One most difficult type of writing involves the touch of fantasy commonly referred as magical literature combined to fictions. The best magic realism is the one that has fine line of difference between the magical fantasy and fictional premises that is the ground basis of the story. There are many authors that have specific taste in such type of writing using their imaginative skills and creative power. On the other hand, fiction is the opposite of it, like the contemporary fiction US. The word contemporary in terms of literature is used for the art described after Second World War II till now. Therefore, events, conditions, situations, personalities and news that have been a part of such time periods are involved in contemporary fictions.

Narrative of best magic realism

Wonders are the best factors that are part of the literature involving best magic realism, with real world operated by magical spells. There are extremely acclaimed magic based novels and book like One hundred years of solitude to the Harry Potter series. All of these are pieces regarded as the best magic realism. Such writings cross the limitation of national, magical, linguistics and gender issues addressed in the narrative of the story.

Many of the movies are also based on the concept of magic realism like Games of Thrones, having the premises of real world but touch of magic moments in the story. Best magic realism is the one that make the reader or viewer experience and believable of what is written or shown to them.

Approach of contemporary fiction US

Fiction is called as the real world facts. Therefore, fictional literature is based on the real life incidents, events and celebrities that are either addressed in form of books, short stories, novels, movies and video games. The contemporary fiction US is the classical histories of the US incidents that has happened in the past and are written in the exact fictional format for the readers. Contemporary fiction US is an integral part of the American Latin literature famous since ages in their culture and heritage.

Contemporary fiction US can be misleading and falsely quoted too, if the event is criticized in the past. It helps to address the issue in the fictional context with element of ignorance to knowledge and innocence of the severity connected to it.


Best magic realism is the literature which combines the real world based story with moments and elements of magic like the popular Harry Potter series. In contrast, contemporary fiction US involves the fictional stories based on the real-life incidents that have occurred in parts of United States.