The next time you see the person next to you holding an electric contraption to his lips and pull on it like a regular cigarette, releasing a cloud of flavoured vapour instead of smoke, you will know you’re in the presence of a vaper. They are the ones who have taken the hazards of traditional smoking away and made it a more pleasurable and intense experience, due to the availability of every kind of flavour under the sun. Read on to know more about vaping wire Australia.

  • When purchasing vapour cigarettes, remember that vaporisers are different from e cigs. While an e cig will resemble a normal cigarette, vaporisers come in all shapes and sizes. Vapes are powered by batteries and are good for smoking indoors.
  • Two different kinds of heating methods are utilized in a vaporiser unlike e cigarettes. They are conductive heating and convective heating. In the former, the e juice, when placed on the heating surface, warms up when the batteries start discharging energy on puffing and the vapour can be inhaled. The latter method involves heating the air in the chamber, and the e liquid will not come in contact with the heated surface.
  • E liquids have the following major ingredients- vegetable glycerine (most manufacturers prefer organic vegetable glycerine), flavouring (depends on your choice) which can be either artificial or natural, propylene glycol (safe because it’s used for asthma patients), and lastly pharma grade nicotine of varying strength which is labelled on the product so that you know your intake amount.
  • You’ll find some vapes having box mods. These are nothing but additional controls that let you customize the look of your vape as well as regulate the temperature and the wattage for a dense, and more flavoured taste. This is fast becoming a rage and irking that tobacco industry, which is witnessing a fall in sales of e cigs.
  • The delivery system of vaporisers will enscure minimal harm to you as compared to a traditional cigarette. You don’t have to worry about smoking in the house, in front of the kids; neither does a vape release carbon monoxide and the other toxic chemicals associated with regular cancer risk.
  • You’ll find that withdrawing from traditional tobacco smoking is facilitated by using a vape instead of going cold turkey. Why go through those aches and cramps, not to mention irritability at the slightest word and decreased productivity during that period? The nicotine present in the e liquid is sufficient to give you relief.
  • Maintaining a smoking habit is very costly. In comparison vapes are cheaper, safer and more useful.

All in all, if you do take the resolution to quit smoking, then you’ll find that vapes pave the way for you to do so.