Tips On How To Set An Example To Your Impressionable Child

Tips On How To Set An Example To Your Impressionable Child

There comes a time in every child’s life that they imitate the adults in their lives. Usually, this happens between the age of 5 and 10, when they’re most impressionable. It’s also usual that they imitate those adults that they particularly admire; like their parents. And yes, it’s just a phase which (sadly and usually) wears out once they hit their teens.

But this need to copy can be a good thing in some cases. In fact, we believe that this is the best time to teach them by example to be what you want them to eventually be in the future. No matter the simplicity of it. And even though they’d forget it temporarily during those rebellious years ahead, these life lessons can come in useful to them in the future.

Boost their confidence

Remember we said this was the age where children are impressionable? This is also the age when they discover, in small ways, who they are. Boosting their confidence can help them be fearless when trying out new things; and a smart way to do so without making it obvious, is to involve him in chores that you usually do. Are you repairing something for the house? Involve him in it. Don’t tell him he’s too small for tasks; give him age appropriate tasks and compliment him (only when he deserves it) once he completes it.

Show him that the way you dress makes a difference

No, clothes don’t make a man. But it certainly makes a difference in the way people treat and approach you. It’s obvious that during the years to come, they are going to experiment with clothing; and they should. Just show them that no matter what they choose to wear, no matter if it’s ariat boots for men or Ben10 skinnies, confidence helps them look better.    

Take them to work with you

Now this, has many purposes; one if it being giving your spouse a break from the babysitting duties! But apart from this, taking your child to work can also teach him the importance of working hard. It could teach him to appreciate your time away from home, and respect money. Make it a fun event; wear your cowboy hats and, make it an adventure! Don’t be disappointed if they don’t show signs of learning the above mentioned; after all, it’s the future we’re prepping them for!

Make space for outings and conversation

You know how you hear about teenagers that are not willing to connect with their parents or usually avoid conversations with them? They didn’t learn to do so in their teens. By having conversations with them, as mindless and random as they are, you’re keeping the door open for them in the future; when speaking their minds, and sharing their opinions can be life changing. Don’t worry if you’re not good at talking with kids, it’s not hard. Simply talk to them, and spend time with them regularly; conversation will come naturally.