“Enjoy it while it lasts”

Last night, I went on a dinner/movie date with my beau and finally, finally saw Melancholia. I’m fascinated by more experimental films—which are more visceral and layered—more about the the experiential qualities of the movie than about creating a neatly packaged story. Because while Melancholia has a clear storyline (it’s the end of the world), that’s not what the film is about at all.

Not to mention, it’s gorgeous and beautifully constructed. I’m obsessed with it, currently.

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Mini Documentaries

Lately, I’ve been loving independent short documentaries. Specifically, Made by Hand. As a result, I’m really proud of my boyfriend (not that I’m biased or anything…), who recently worked on a similar format of documentary with a few of the W+K 12.7 members. There is a blog post here on the Wieden+Kennedy blog, but I’ve embedded the video below.

I love the idea of short docs. They allow for free creative exploration in terms of the actual look and feel of the films and also shine the spotlight on lesser-known people/places/jobs. Not to mention, this one reinforces why Portland is awesome.