Personal Identity?

I haven’t posted in a while, so this little process bit seemed appropriate. It is possibly one of the sides of my personal business card. The logotype still needs some refinement, but it’s getting close! I have also been playing with a “schoolbook” version as well though.

Anyhoo, this is my busiest term in a long time!—so just as a heads up, I probably won’t be around nearly as much as I have been. On top of my regular class work, I have a portfolio review to get ready for in June and a student show, Be Honest on May 3rd. Which is why I am working on my personal identity… PLUS, this is exciting. I haven’t mentioned, but Robert and I found an apartment! We’re moving on the 1st of May!

phew! Here’s to good hard work. Wish me well, please please please.

2 thoughts on “Personal Identity?

  1. I am sad we won’t be living together after all, but I’m stoked for you both. (: And the schoolbook version of this logotype is adorable.

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