Just a peek

Life has been joyful lately. Winter term is over and it’s finally officially spring!—though you could hardly tell from our weather. Since I have gotten my graphic design job, I actually have free time again! Or at least, I don’t have to feel guilty whenever I’m not being wholly productive.

I should have taken a photo—but I bought a bar of Lush soap last night. The Alkmaar one; it’s the perfect mix of milky and floral—and not too strong. So good! I can smell it on me now.

Trader Joes school house cookies. They are like cereal in cinnamon cookie form / lovely boy and I / Red at Gerding Theatre / going over the steel bridge from work / union station going to work / view from the office / snippets of outfits / chinese noodle soup / vietnamese coffee / gift from boss!

And I am excited: I’ll be experimenting with an old scarf and some chartreuse dye tonight.

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wordlove wednesday

Just some things that I would love to have up on my walls. I love that this feature is becoming a combination of beautiful quotes and beautiful type. These are all delightful in different ways and for different reasons. Could someone explain to me why I like austere, seemingly-plain things but I also like vibrant, fun, busy things? They are so contradictory; I suppose that my taste will forever be a mystery to me. Which is okay, I guess.

1. art print by Bubbly & Bean on Etsy
2. photograph by gradiate on Flickr
3. art print by Matthew Kavan Brooks on society6

Happy Wednesday. I’ll be off for a drink with some good friends later.

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Polka dotted jeans!

I can definitely say that I am quite the fan of polka dots—I mean, who isn’t? I am also a fan of all of the patterned denim I have been seeing this spring. For example, these polka dotted ones and these floral ones. I am a college student and I definitely do not have $180 dollars to spend on pants. Especially ones that are totally DIY-able (the polka dotted ones of course!).

All you need is:

I decided to use an older pair of Forever 21 jeans—the kind that fit more like jeggings and cost less than fifteen dollars. I didn’t want to mess up a decent pair on my first try. I found the Martha Stewart craft/fabric paint at a normal craft store for less than five dollars and already owned the old-school pencil. The rubber eraser works just like a little stamp. The pencil I found was sparkly and hologram-y—not necessary, but more awesome.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Squirt the paint onto a non-porous surface. I used a metal lid I had just lying around. Dip the pencil eraser in the paint and dot away. I kept a paper towel handy to wipe my “stamp” clean every once in a while. I am pretty detail oriented, so I made sure that my polka dots adhered to a clear grid. I think some less-uniform dots might also work. Put on some music because it definitely took me about 40 minutes to dot each side. I finished up the front, left the house to do some errands, came back and then dotted the other side. This does take time, but it’s a good weekend project.

I’ll be posting outfits photos of myself wearing them soon! I have yet to wash them, but based on the results, I have lots of other ideas… Namely a periwinkle dress I never wear anymore that is just asking for some clouds.

RESULT: polka-dotted jeans for less than $20.00. All I technically bought to do this was the paint, however, since I already owned everything else.

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Winter in Spring

This is the sort of outfit that happens when it decides to snow on the second official day of spring. I’m dying for all of my pretty floral dresses; this one has a cut out back but I would be crazy to have that exposed considering the current weather patterns. Anyhow, I wore an oversizes scarf and enjoy the pattern mixing that occurred.

I love this vintage bow ring. Robert’s grandmother used to be in the business of selling vintage jewelry, so she sent it to me over the holidays. I wear it almost every day—unless I forget or will be doing messy crafty things. Also a note: I need to start de-linting this jacket…

The snow was all gone this late in the day, but the morning was miserable.