ART200 Author Cards

These photos are of a project I completed this past summer. The assignment was to create a series of author trading cards; I chose children book authors. Looking back at them now, I would love to do some reprints (since at the time, I seriously had no idea how to use my printer well) and try some variations with how the quote is placed on the front.

I love the idea of taking photos of my work in real environments. I’m hoping that that doesn’t distract.

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handmade journals

Notebooks and journals are integral to my creative process and to my sanity; I use the blank pages to organize my thoughts and to record them. I feel more naked without my notebook than I do without my phone, so why haven’t I ever made my notebook by hand? I’m inspired to start—to choose my paper stock, the cover, the stitching. I looked to etsy for some inspiration:

1. renovatedbooks
2. theprinttree
3. whimsywhimsical
4. amirabet
5. madweevil
6. HappyDappyBits

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Good Morning

Hello. I don’t really feel the need to much explain—but this is hello lark, the manifestation of my creative explorations. As a student, I feel it important to search for my visual voice—and in that, this will be my medium. I love the feel of a physical journal, don’t get me wrong, but in my life, it is impractical to assume that I’ll be able to print out everything that resonates with my developing aesthetic.

Don’t design for everyone. It’s impossible. All you end up doing is designing something that makes everyone unhappy.

— Leisa Reichelt

Just something to start out with: eighty quotes about design. The written word is important to me; most times I understand things better after I’ve read them or written them. My intention is to print a selection of these and paste them everywhere.